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Hi there,

Two years ago, my life turned completely upside-down. Out of the blue, I was struck with terrifying pain unlike any I had ever known before. It shot through my pelvis and lower body, effectively immobilizing me.

I spent the night writhing in agony, unable to sleep or find relief. That awful night was just the beginning of a difficult journey navigating seemingly random chronic pain.

It took a LOT of frustrating doctor appointments and ineffective prescriptions for me to realize that the medical community simply didn't know how to handle me.

Thankfully, I did eventually find answers. As it turns out, I have Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) – a little-known and somewhat controversial condition. And I learned how to manage my pain and heal my TMS. In fact, I am once again thriving.

I went about my life like nothing was wrong. I suffered in silence, hiding my constant fear and misery.

Maybe it was a defense mechanism, maybe it was my pride, maybe it was my natural affinity for acting: I simply didn't let most people in on what I was going through. But I'm done hiding.

I'm going to share my story with you, and with the world. In fact, I've written a book on exactly that topic. It's called The Path To No Pain. If you're surprised by what I've shared with you so far – or if you somehow suspected something all along, I really hope you'll purchase my book and read my story. I'll be forever thankful! And visit my TMS website Diagnosing TMS is tricky, but treatment is even trickier without the right information.

Be well,


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The Path To No Pain
Cecilia Collar

For more about what I'm up to, visit my Instagram, @cecilia_c_c_

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