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La Bonne Année. Trois ans après le fait, un secret de famille menace de secouer la dynamique délicate d’une famille française.

A Woman hears a baby crying somewhere in the house in the middle of the night, she's determined to have her husband help her find it. 
Anna, the wife, feels empty. Her face has a tired look. The bags under her eyes seem to get worse by the day, and she no longer cares about her appearance like she once did.

Beyond Nothing is a short film that blends experimental film with narrative and is the story of a man dealing with the loss of his son who drowned at a beach. I played the ex-wife

Setting Son is a story of a woman's personal and spiritual journey to cope with her son's kidnapping. In order to do so, she must reconsider everything she's taken for the truth and put herself in situations that are far outside her comfort zone.

Vamonde is a mobile app that allows you to interactively explore the stories behind places. The spot was filmed over the course of five days in eight locations ranging from historic to intimate. The idea was to show how locations impact who we are and how we live.

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